Bibi Claßen Vermögen

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Bibi Claßen Vermögen
Bibi Claßen Vermögen

Bibi Claßen Vermögen – is an online video creator and influencer based in Germany. Since December 2012, she has begun uploading videos to her BibisBeautyPalace YouTube channel, where she discusses beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. The channel has a large number of subscribers and is popular in Germany.

Her parents raised her in Cologne, where both of them work in the field of education. She started college in the social sciences after graduating high school but eventually changed her major. She has been dating YouTuber Julian Claßen since 2009 and married to him since 2018. Both of them currently reside in Cologne. In May of 2022, they made the announcement that they were divorcing and were parents to two children.

The first video for her YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace was posted on December 2, 2012. When she first began speaking publicly, she stuck to the narrow topics of fashion and cosmetics, presenting make-up and apparel and giving advice on how to wear both. This year, her channel took home the gold in the Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle category at the Videodays PlayAwards.

As her viewership grew, she expanded her content to include more lifestyle and introspective topics. On her 10 Kinds of… page, she also includes some jokes. recordings of her acting out relevant behaviors to a theme in a heightened manner. These are some of her most popular videos to date, with millions of views each.

She and her husband, Julienco, make frequent appearances in videos they upload on YouTube. BibisBeautyPalace is run by a company called Julian Claßen & Bianca Heinicke GbR, which is named after the two people who founded it. Classen frequently worked with other YouTubers Dagi Bee and Liont up until 2015.

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In 2014, she began working as a spokesperson for Thomas Cook Group subsidiary Neckermann Reisen. Actor Tom Beck is a co-owner of the Cologne-based artists’ agency Check One Two Perfect GmbH, which has been responsible for the management and marketing of the BibisBeautyPalace website since October 2014.

BibisBeautyPalace is a popular German-language YouTube channel, ranking in the top 10 in terms of total video views and subscriber count . Claßen’s cosmetics line, Bilou and the Adsense, sponsoring, testimonials, promotional goods, and affiliate marketing profits she receives might bring in over 100,000 euros each month, according to estimations.

Bibi Claßen Vermögen : 5 Millionen € (geschätzt)

Her debut single, credited to Bibi H, was released in May of 2017. through the medium of the musical composition How It Is . The song was written by Sam Sommer and Dave Knight and released by Warner Music a few years ago. The song was a top ten hit in Germany and Austria, but its music video received over 3 million dislikes, making it the most disliked video ever uploaded to a German language YouTube channel.

As of the end of 2020, the Claßens’ video, We show you our house, which gave viewers a glimpse inside their home, had over 6 million views and ranked third on YouTube’s list of the most popular videos in Germany. According to authorities, a significant throng assembled when she and fellow YouTuber Dagi Bee invited her admirers to an illegal signing session on Roncalliplatz in central Cologne in February 2014.

This invitation was accepted by approximately 500 teens. The fan meeting was canceled due to safety concerns as tensions rose and widespread panic ensued. A total of four teenage supporters were hurt, two seriously. There has been action taken to fine the two YouTubers. Additional gatherings were scrapped because security could not be ensured .

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Among others, humorist and moderator Jan Böhmermann denounced her and other German YouTubers in 2015 for allegedly targeting children with covert advertising. Critics slam the widespread use of such marketing concepts as a business strategy by numerous YouTubers.

So-called “influencer marketing” and “shameless product placement” tend to target younger audiences who may lack the media literacy to understand that the content is being used for advertising purposes. There is an abuse of the trust established between the prominent personalities and the youthful, general audience.

Bibi Claßen Vermögen

There was a wave of outrage on social media when Deutsche Telekom and her collaborated to release the “Bibi-Phone” in October 2015, a variant of the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone with her likeness and signature emblazoned on the back for about 250 euros.

Most people had issues with how much it cost and how Bibi’s brand was marketed to the primarily younger audience that followed her. Only three gigabytes of the device’s internal storage were actually functional . At a conference for influencer marketing held in Berlin at the end of 2015, Claßen admitted that she had no issues with covert advertising but that “the understanding for it was still far too

limited” in interviews she gave in conjunction with the event. to sprout and develop slowly at first. Again in 2019, Böhmermann was critical of her in. This time it’s because she appeared in advertising for the gambling-themed, teen-targeted mobile game Coin Master.

Younger generations may have enjoyed Bibi Blocksberg’s work, but nowadays it is Bibi’s Beauty Palace that is more widely read and discussed. Bibis Beauty Palace is one of the most popular German-language channels on YouTube, with close to 6 million subscribers. Bianca Claßen is the brains behind it; she launched the channel in 2012 and uses it to discuss beauty products, fashion, and other lifestyle themes as well as more in-depth, personal subjects.

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Whenever a ranking of Germany’s highest-earning YouTubers is compiled, Bibis Beauty Palace always comes out on top. Taxes and ongoing expenses are still obligatory. Remember that when calculating your annual take-home pay that this figure represents your income BEFORE taxes. Bianca Claßen, also known as Bibis Beauty Palace, is said to be worth around €5 million.

Bibi Claßen Vermögen
Bibi Claßen Vermögen

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