Mike Shiva Tod

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Mike Shiva Tod
Mike Shiva Tod

Mike Shiva Tod – Born Michel Wehner in Basel, Switzerland, Mike Shiva legally adopted the name Shiva in 1998. In Basel, where he would subsequently make his home, he attended school. During that time, he took a caravan across Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Shiva rose to prominence in Swiss popular culture by his unconventional career paths as a clairvoyant, fortune teller, card reader, and hypnotist .Shiva provided its assistance through a variety of V.A.S.N.s that came with an additional cost. Shiva has been accused of using the poor for financial gain by multiple outlets, including the Consumer Protection Foundation, the consumer magazine K-Tipp, and the television show Kassensturz .

Hugo Stamm, an expert on sects in Zurich, was accused of ripping people out because he allegedly shared “truisms and psychological pseudo-knowledge that might apply to everyone.” Frank Baumann, a TV host and humorist, mocked Shiva and accused him of “rip-off” in an article for the magazine Tele in 2005. Shiva was the subject of supplementary and penalty tax procedures initiated by the Bern tax authorities in 2011.

Shiva had many male companions throughout her life. Shiva, who was 56 years old when she passed away on September 11, 2020, succumbed to colon cancer at a hospital in Basel. Shiva was a paid advisor on fortune-telling shows, hosted a radio show on Radio Basel 1, and made multiple guest appearances on shows broadcast by SRG and ARD. He began by having “Fresh4u: Look into the Future”-style cards available for callers on BTV4U. Shiva departed the station in 2005.

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The next year, in 2006, he made six appearances on the Swiss comedy show “BallaBalla – VIVA la WM” on VIVA in which he attempted to foretell the results of forthcoming football matches in the FIFA Cup. Later, he moderated “Mike Shiva – The Future,” a Swiss TV station’s version of his former NBC show, for several hours almost every day. Mike Shiva & Guests, Shiva’s talk show, was carried on the same station on rare occasions.

Beginning in 2016, Shiva worked with a new team and new collaborators to produce his television show Shiva Live for the Swiss television network Schweiz5 and the official website shivalive.tv. Twelve years and no money later, he and his former boss, manager, and business partner had a falling out.

Mike Shiva Tod : 11. September 2020

Until 2016 Mike Shiva delivered daily counseling programs on TV24 Switzerland, S1 TV Switzerland, and Swiss sports television in addition to his 24-hour-a-day astrology and esoteric program. On rare occasions, he also appeared as a studio guest on Swiss television, such as on December 9, 2013 at Schawinski or on January 9, 2007 at the club, when he and his co-host discussed whether or not horoscopes and fortune-telling were helpful.

Mike Shiva competed on the German version of Big Brother in August of 2018 and placed tenth.Beginning in May of 2014, Shiva contributed a weekly piece to the Basler Zeitung and he was also highlighted periodically in the Blick tabloid.

Sad news: Mike Shiva has passed away. According to information gathered by “Blick” from people close to the fortune teller, he passed away at the age of 56 at a hospital in Basel on Friday at 1 p.m.Both colorectal cancer and a brain tumor have been linked to Shiva. But he never really talked about his health issues. There were maybe a handful of people who knew. The man, originally from Basel, reportedly underwent chemotherapy to treat colon cancer.

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This, alas, was unsuccessful. Mike Shiva gained notoriety as a clairvoyant and TV psychic thanks to his stage hypnotism and TV appearances. In 2018, he also gained widespread recognition in Germany thanks to his appearance in the reality show Promo Big Brother. According to his autobiography, Shiva was a precocious child who predicted the death of a schoolmate.

The fortune teller, whose true name was Michel Wehner, began offering spiritual guidance to clients in Basel when he was just 15 years old. A toll-free number was only one of the ways Shiva marketed its offerings.Mike Shiva was dealt a cruel hand this year with the loss of his poodle, Chocolat. As Shiva explained in an interview, they shared the same essence. He repeated, “Without him, nothing works.”

Posted by Fabienne Eichelberger on Friday, September 12th, 2020 at 1:09 pm. Mike Shiva a Swiss self-proclaimed clairvoyant and fate teller born Michel Wehner on June 17, 1964, passed away on September 11, 2020. He was successful in business and on TV, both of which related to his industry.Television horoscope reader It’s official: Mike Shiva has passed away.

Mike Shiva Tod

Mike Shiva, a Swiss esotericist and fortune teller who became renowned on television, passed away at the age of 56 after a long battle with sickness.Shiva had to deal with accusations that he was a liar his entire life. In 2019, he announced to the “BaZ” that he simply doesn’t give a damn about anything. Since he is confident in his own ability to foresee outcomes.

Mike Shiva, a spiritual advisor, has been working with clients in Basel since he was 15 years old. In Switzerland, he gained notoriety as a clairvoyant, fortune teller, card reader, and hypnotist. Shiva lived his whole life under the impression that he was a clairvoyant. In a book released in 2018, he claims to be in constant contact with the cosmos. Shiva claimed in an interview that he provided esoteric services, particularly card reading, to help people gain confidence.

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His business methods have drawn criticism. Pseudo-psychological consultations through pricey value-added service phone numbers were deemed a “rip-off” and a source of humor and imitation simultaneously. Lipstick is sweet and eyeliner is sharp, yet the eyes are innocent. A big headband and an even wider grin; he had the solution to every problem. Let me introduce myself as Mike Shiva, the telepath. Mike Shiva divides opinion.

Mike Shiva Tod
Mike Shiva Tod

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