Tom Gerhardt Vermögen

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Tom Gerhardt Vermögen
Tom Gerhardt Vermögen

Tom Gerhardt Vermögen – Gerhardt completed his mandatory military service as a tank destroyer after finishing high school. After that, he went on to study German and philosophy, eventually focusing his master’s thesis on Nicholas Cusanus’s theory of language.He also covered the cultural scene in Cologne as a freelancer for the tabloid Express. He had worked as a comedian before leaving the newspaper in the 1990s.

The German television host Jürgen von der Lippe found him and launched his career in 1988 with the program Dachshund with sparkling wine. His 1994 film Voll normaaal and 1997 film Ballermann 6 were box office successes. Hausmeister Krause – order must be, a television series that ran from 1999 to 2010, was another critical and commercial triumph. Die Superbullen, the last sequel film starring Tommie, was released in 2011. After a decade-long hiatus from performing, he returned to the stage in 2011 with a brand new show called Naked and in Color.

Gerhardt has been performing in Dinner for weirdos by Francis Veber since 2015, when he took on the role of the tragic comic loser Mathias Bommes. Along with Franz Krause, he developed the script for the comic film Chains of Love. Gerhardt and his son Rodrigo co-wrote a children’s book that came out in October 2019.

Gerhardt’s daughter was born sometime around the year 1985 or 1986. He wed a Honduran woman for a brief while in 1995 .From 2003 to 2008, he was married to actress Katharina Gerhardt .Tommie Krause, 26, resides in Cologne – Kalk with his parents Dieter and Lisbeth Krause, his older sister Carmen, and his Brazilian wife Nadja da Silva, whom he married in 2019 . Time spent viewing movies with his pal Mario is a favorite hobby. Gianna S., the “breast miracle,” and sex flicks are a shared interest for both of them. front and center.

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The proprietor of Tommie’s go-to video store introduces him to his niece Gabi after Tommie comes in to rent movies for the weekend. Meanwhile, he spots a poster for an upcoming Gianna S. concert. And then he drives straight home to tell Mario. Soon later, they run across Norbert, an old acquaintance of Carmen’s. He’s sent to find the Krauses by the scam firm “Cash and Go” to convince them to sign a contract promising a large return on investment.

Tom Gerhardt Vermögen : 12 Millionen € (geschätzt)

Dieter believes the scammers and takes out a mortgage on his home to fund an investment. To impress his coworkers, he wants to use the first “dividend” of 1,000 DM, paid out immediately following contract settlement, to host a dachshund club event at which state chairman of North Rhine-Westphalia Hubert Maulhofer will be a featured guest.

Tommie and Mario spot the pimp Jupp’s Mercedes, and in particular his exhaust pipe, on the way to a party suggested by Norbert. Jupp sees Tommie and his friend steal it and scolds them, but they get away. When they finally make it to the party, they run into Gabi and immediately start acting inappropriately around her.

Following this, Norbert desires to eliminate Tommie and Mario from the equation. Tommie still manages to throw up all over the buffet on the way out while singing the tune to “On the beautiful blue Danube” into the microphone of the live band. In addition, Jupp joins us, but he, too, is unable to outrun Tommie and Mario.

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Tommie and Mario meet the proprietor of the “Blue Bird” pornographic theater, Jupp, and schedule a date with Gabi for the following night. It’s now crystal evident to Mario that Tommie has to bring the exhaust pipe he stole to the pub where he frequents. In the meantime, our heroes wreck havoc in the garage, setting fire to the owner’s dog and totaling a Porsche in the process.

Following Tommie’s return and installation of the exhaust pipe on Jupp’s automobile, the latter gives him another assignment: deliver a case of “Ramsdorfer Kölsch ” by 7 o’clock that evening. If not, he will be banned from using lime in his cologne. To get by, he takes Dieter’s 1,000 DM bill. As a result, the latter’s party is canceled because he cannot afford to pay for the service he had hired. Maulhofer tells Dieter that his deal with “Cash and Go” bankrupted him.

However, Tommie already left for the local booze store. At long last, he reaches Café Athen, where the proprietor has snatched up the final case of Ramsdorfer Kölsch from a nearby kiosk. It’s impressive that Tommie was able to obtain something so pricey.

Tommie has to play the game with the shell player, losing additional money in the process, because the shell player has already placed an order for the bottle. The delivery of the package, however, is thwarted when Tommie runs into Gianna’s tour bus and decides to tag along to the Free Life club with the band.

Tom Gerhardt Vermögen

In the meantime, Norbert has gotten Gabi to come to his flat by pretending to have hired a model photographer. Once there, she learns that he misled the Krauses. They were saved from financial collapse thanks to her cunning plan to

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give a condom soaked in hot sauce to the man waiting for sex, then steal Dieter’s signed contract and run. Norbert tracked her down to the Free Life not long after she disappeared.Simultaneously, Tommie and Mario are attempting to enter the club without success. To get back at the bouncers who turned them away, they threw dog poop at them. But they accidentally meet Jupp, who has come along.

The two friends escape him through the back entrance and get under the stage of the discotheque. They’re loosening a board to give Gianna S.’ Better to follow the performance, after which it crashes through the stage. Outside, they remove the wheels from Jupp’s car and attach them to Norbert’s car, who is now being pursued by Jupp and his buddies in their place.

Tom Gerhardt Vermögen
Tom Gerhardt Vermögen

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